"Slice of Sasha" is a puzzle-physics based game by Rujogames made for LOWREZJAM 2021, a game with 64x64 pixels resolution.

Drag, hold and release with your mouse/touch to jump your way through the level, find the key to open the door and advance to the next level.
You have a limited number of jumps for each levels, also you have a limited time you can hold the direction/power before each jump. When the green bar is full at the bottom of the screen you can perform a new jump at any time.
Levels are full of deadly saws, beware!

Some blood and gore can be seen in the game but it's just pixels!

This jam version includes 10 levels and was made in one week.

Graphics and code by Marco Rossi (rujogames.itch.io)

Original song "Саша" (Sasha) by Kino (link) 8 bit version by Marco Rossi

Some background graphics are derived from various free assets packs by Anokolisa (anokolisa.itch.io) and Egor Dorichev (egordorichev.itch.io)

Sound effects by Freesound (freesound.org)

Software used:

Construct 2, Photoshop, Audition, Cubase

Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(10 total ratings)
Made withAdobe Photoshop, Construct
Tagsblood, Funny, hard, LOWREZJAM, Physics, Pixel Art
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsMouse, Touchscreen
AccessibilityOne button, Textless


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very fucking fun i am not joking i love this shit make a part two please i love i

short but very fun


Are you still working on this?

Hi there! Yes, there's been some delays on the release of the new version but I'm working on it and it'll be available (I hope) in the next month. Stay tuned!


Quite challenging! Really fun to play, love the pixels, great work!

Great game, love the physics and partial death (e.g. saw off foot!) Well done.


Are you gonna do any updates?

Hi! yes, I'm working on an enhanced version of the game! Stay tuned!



If you managed any sort of procedural level generation or added more levels this game would be one of the best apps on the app store. I am amazed at how polished everything felt!


To super thrust is a super must!

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OMG your gameplay vid was hilarious! 😂

I just have to tell you... for some reason you're playing the game at like 300% of its original speed (and it's incredible you reached level 10 playing like this 😆)

I'm still trying to figure out why but I guess it might be becuse you're running it on a hi refresh monitor, is it possible?

Btw I'll look into it... Thanks again for the video!

(PS: now it's fixed and should run regular speed even on hi refresh screens)



You did a great job on the game, you should be proud. ;{D


Made a video

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Thanks for the funny video! 😂

Wow you nearly made it to finish the game, sooo close 😬


Happy you enjoyed the video and yeah I think we were on the last level but we just kept getting worse at it so it was better to end it before really getting mad at the game.


Minigolf: with Sasha

...gone wrong


very nice game! great work


slice of shaggy

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The game was very fun, but it was also very short. The first seven levels were relatively easy, but the difficulty curve rose sharply in the last three levels. The game concept is interesting, unique and fun. The 8 bit graphics don't meet my taste, but those who like 8 bit graphics also like this graphics. The colors of the player stand out very much under the otherwise rather gloomy style and some sound effects do not sound like 8 bit at all. Otherwise the graphics are very good.

Overall a very fun game with an interesting concept which I would definitely recommend.


Yoga :D



(can you specify the device/browser you're playing the game with? It seems the pixellate filter is not working properly... thanks!)


I played this on a computer in google chrome, the filter was looking fine when I was playing this so I don't think you have to worry about it


damn this was really fun holy shit

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so funny

thank you, great effort! but you gave up so close to victory! XD