[11/06/2020 Update > 1.35]

Protektor is a game originally created for the Ludum Dare #46 Jam (theme: "Keep it alive")

In the game you must protect a VIP target and bring him alive to the end of each floor.
You can also collect stars (3 for each level) to increase your self esteem.
You have limited bullets and you must collect them around the level or from your enemies.

Movement: Arrow keys  or WASD
Fire: Z, X, Y or Shift
Stand still to reload your gun

If you get shot or the VIP gets shot you loose.

The Game is being made with Construct 2 (https://www.construct.net/) by Rujogames
Music by Smenc (https://soundcloud.com/smenc)
Sound by Freesound (https://freesound.org/)

Additional level design by Tom Gunn
Additional art by Asvedesign.

Ludum Dare original version game page: https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/46/protektor

New in 1.35 version:

  • Speed fix for high mhz monitors

New in 1.33 version:

  • 25 new levels!
  • Touch control for mobile play!
  • New enemies
  • Improved IA
  • Text bubbles!
  • More/better graphics!
  • Background story!
  • New music!
  • More!

New in 1.2 version:

  • 4 more levels (10 total for now)
  • New floor-based system, start from the top of the building, reach the ground floor!
  • Various bugs fixed (and various added!)
  • New graphics/sfx/fonts
  • Smarter enemies
  • Zoom effects
  • CRT effects
  • Neons!
  • New music by Smenc (https://soundcloud.com/smenc)
  • “Magnetic” ammo collecting
  • Improved sliding collision with walls/enemies/Vip
  • Ammo drop adjustments

New in 1.15 version:

  • new custom enemy skills affect alert time, movement speed, reactivity
  • new level graphics
  • smoother scrolling
  • new blood graphics
  • faster Vip reactivity
  • refined level design
  • new sounds
  • new wall-leaning camera movement
  • fixed wall sliding collision
  • new animations
  • mute sound option
  • new game resolution
  • new dead ragdoll
  • more input methods (arrows/wasd for movement, Z X Y Shift for fire)
  • limited bullets, collect them from enemies, reload your weapon standing still
  • maximum bullet carry
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(67 total ratings)
GenreShooter, Action
Made withConstruct
Tagsblood, Ludum Dare 46, Pixel Art, Top-Down, Top down shooter, Violent
Average sessionA few seconds
LinksLudum Dare


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I Hate this game but the satisfaction when you beat it is so good.

how do you shoot on pc


Use z, x or click to shoot.


75/75 stars! Took me about 2 hours


This was so much fun to play! I'd love to see another game with similar mechanics!


Yay I finished it. GG


After level 10 it starts to get impossible


I mean floor 10

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The walls block your view far too often. It's a nice touch but I think it's a little over done. The enemies can also see you and fire before they are in frame, which can be a little frustrating at times.


I mean, you have enough firerate and auto aim that usually you can fire a lot earlier and more accurately


Nice game!

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Rujogames Your game has been featured as game of the week for team apocalypse see here https://26searscj.wixsite.com/teamapocalypse/post/featured-game-of-the-week-protektor


Hey Rujo Games! I was wondering if we could get in touch because I am interested in adding Protektor to my website!


Hi, you can reach me on Twitter @marcobandolo

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Deleted 2 years ago

The game is fun to play,but my only problem is the auto lock,it will lock onto the farthest enemy when there is already a enemy in front of my face.So it could use some work.

The auto aim is too much and too little at the same time. I try to shoot a guy about to shoot the mayor, and then i auto aim onto a guy who's just wandering around the floor. And sometimes i try to shoot somebody right in front of me, and i don't auto aim at all and miss. Also, sometimes bullets phase through enemies.


Great game, but the reloading interrupted the flow of the game.


the auto aim is absurdly inconsistent. it either doesn't lock on or locks on to the guy furthest away instead of the guy right up in your face.

Yeah. I had the same problem.

what if the is a vr edition it will be awesome


Nice game. i like it... I wish it had more levels

es muy bueno


a windows build please !!!

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The game is great, but I found a bug, you can shot through the walls if you stand close to it. First two bullets stops at the wall, but third flies through.

Deleted post

the success in this game is defined by yor velocity to pressing the key r


ciao! this game was awesome!.... i gotta learn how to make this stuff!


Incredibly well built! Congratulations!


Hi guys! I love how smoothly this plays, and the "stand still to reload" mechanic works wonders with regards to adding strategy. I see a million ways you could have added more to try to make it better, but love that you were disciplined enough to stick with a core that works and polish it to perfection. Can we get a follow-up that has less restraint and expands upon this little gem?


Real great game, only two flaws that stuck out to me were the frustratingly slow reload speed and that the gray helmet enemies blend in too much with the floor.


The shadow effect is really awesomely implemented, it adds so much spice to the game. Your game reminds me of Into the eagle’s nest I used to play on ZX-Spectrum back in the days. Tnx!


Man this is crazy good. Stopped at lvl4. Had some trouble with lvl7, got to do it like 10 times.


How? this game was made in 3d in construct 2


Hi! It's a fake-3D, the walls you see are indeed shadows (shadowcaster behaviour) the light follows the scroll position so you get the illusion that those shadows are walls ;)


like it. really like the music


The game is mostly good, however the enemies react far too quickly and the auto-aim stays locked on briefly after an enemy dies, making it impossible to switch targets quickly.


finished *pant the *huff game!


This is awesome! I love how smoothly it plays. I wasn't able to complete the game though as the NPC got stuck in a wall and couldn't follow me on level 4.


thank you! 
the NPC in wall bug will be fixed in the next release!