Mazexpected (2019)

This game was made in about 6 hours for the Svilupparegiochi | Jam #1 using Construct 2

The theme of the jam was "Unexpected"

With arrow keys you move your player through the maze  (step by step)
You have to collect all the coins and avoid being in the trajectory of any cannon
Every 4 steps the maze (and cannons) change shape!! (Unexpected stuff here!)
Press space bar to reset the game

Mobile: use gestures to move the player, just tap on screen to restart after game over

Graphics are loosely based on Spectrum ZX palette and limits

Hope you enjoy the game!


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cista, non capisco solo perchè c'è la scritta text

Bug! Grazie per avermelo segnalato... Me la sono dimenticata lì 😅


Bellissima idea, mi piacerebbe molto vederne una versione estesa!