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Very fun game!


Awesome. I don't like soccer much, but this is great!

needs local multiplayer XD


I played this game. It's hysterical and I really hope the next version comes out with sound and music. Holy shit did I have fun with this. 

You can check out the play here!


great video! I enjoyed It so much😅

I updated the game these days (I see you played the very first version)

Btw I'm still upgradig and improving it day by day, be sure come back and check for new exciting versions!



I will be doing just that! The game is super fun.

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I believe a multiplayer mode would take this game to the next level. Once your done improving the game, you should definitley consider working on multiplayer; i think it would attract a lot of people to your game.


Great game and can't wait for the new version!




Oh wow this is great

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I left you a feedback on ldjam already, but I just wanted to say it again: this game so hilarious that I almost lost it, especially when the match begins and the players' heads bob down like they're saying 'Aww f***'. The mechanic works really well. Cheers!

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A lot of silly fun. I really enjoyed your game.

I finally won a match and I noticed I won it by playing more defensively: letting the computer shoot first and then hoping that immobilized him long enough for a counter strike. But I lost enough that I don't think this was a good strategy necessarily; perhaps I just got lucky.

Edit: Just realized that it was a series of matches. I played as Brazil and got to England before losing.