A Small World Cup

my entry for ludum dare #38 compo

theme "A Small World"

made in 2 days using Construct2

vote here:



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I left you a feedback on ldjam already, but I just wanted to say it again: this game so hilarious that I almost lost it, especially when the match begins and the players' heads bob down like they're saying 'Aww f***'. The mechanic works really well. Cheers!

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A lot of silly fun. I really enjoyed your game.

I finally won a match and I noticed I won it by playing more defensively: letting the computer shoot first and then hoping that immobilized him long enough for a counter strike. But I lost enough that I don't think this was a good strategy necessarily; perhaps I just got lucky.

Edit: Just realized that it was a series of matches. I played as Brazil and got to England before losing.